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Car Seat Safety Checks for parents, grandparents and caregivers.
Our Car Seat Safety Services provide:
  • Convenience
  • Checks scheduled by appointment.  No waiting.
  • Personalized attention
  • Hands on education & training for parents  and caregivers by certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians 
  • Confidence for parents & caregivers so you know how to use and install your car seat safely
The best car seat is one that fits your child, fits your motor vehicle, and one that is easy for you to use every time you travel with your child.
Check out CARES, the child aviation restraint system, the only harness type restraint approved for airline travel by the Federal Aviation Administration.  If you are traveling and don't want to haul a large forward facing car seat, this harness is designed for kids 22-40 pounds.

Car Seat Safety Checks

Schedule an appointment at our mobile car seat fitting station:

Serving the Metro St. Louis area

  • Expecting a baby or New Parents
  • Have a premature baby that will be  discharged from  the hospital soon
  • Grandparents transporting grand-kids or nanny or au pair who transports children
  • Never had your child's car seat checked
  • Your child has outgrown their current car seat
  • Purchase of a new child car seat
  • Unsure if your child is ready for or needs a booster seat
  • Purchase of a new motor vehicle
  • Moved your car seat and can't get it installed correctly again


Our experienced, certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will provide personalized attention while checking your child's car seat.  The car seat appointment includes checking your child's car seat for recalls, examining for proper installation or assisting with new installation, making any needed corrections, and demonstration of how to fit your baby or child into the seat properly with hands on practice. Our goal is to explain and teach you how to install and use your child passenger seat correctly and have you practice these skills so your baby or child can travel as safely as possible. Each car seat check takes approximately 30 minutes.

One Car Seat $30

(same day appointment $40)

Each Additional Car Seat $15

Each Additional Motor Vehicle $20

Booster Seat $15 (with other car seats $10)

Gift Certificates available

Mileage/travel fees may apply depending on location.

For individual appointments available Mon-Friday and some Sat. mornings:

call our office at 314-504-7926 or fill out the form.

The car seat fitting station will be closed April 9th-14th.

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Car Seat Safety Checks can be scheduled at our office located at 9058 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63126, at Kangaroo Kids located at 10030 Manchester Rd in Glendale, or at your home or business in St Louis City or County.(travel fees apply)


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What to expect from a Child Passenger Safety Technician
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Monthly Car Seat Tip:  Make sure your car seat harness is snug, without pinching any slack.
The car seat harness needs to fit snug against your child's body.  You should not be able to pinch any slack and the harness should lie flat against the shoulders and chest.  Chest clip should be at armpit level. Avoid bulky coats or clothing under the harness as may not be able to adjust the harness snugly against the child's body.
Stage 1: Rear Facing
Stage 1: Rear-Facing seat
Stage 2: Forward Facing Seat
Stage 3: Booster Seat
Stage 4: Seatbelt
Car Seat Safety
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