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American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR/AED, Heartsaver First Aid or Pediatric First Aid individuals, groups, or businesses.
FACT: About 80 percent of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in private residential settings, so being trained to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can mean the difference between life and death for a loved one.
FACT:  Effective bystander CPR, provided immediately after cardiac arrest, can double a victim's chance of survival.

Be prepared. 

Learn how to save a life and how to handle emergencies when needed. 

American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR, AED, and First Aid courses taught by certified, experienced instructors that facilitate individual hands on learning for yourself, groups, or businesses.  We offer scheduled classes or can bring our programs to your location.  Upcoming classes listed below.

or call our office at       
Special pricing for school staff K-12 and school coaches.
First Aid Classes

 Heartsaver First Aid

Learn how to handle medical, injury and environmental emergencies in this 3 hour certification course.  Designed for workers requiring a completion certificate. Can be combined with Heartsaver CPR. 

Classroom course $56/person for First aid only,

May be combined with Heartsaver CPR/AED, Combo rate $81.

  Scheduling for Groups, call 314-504-7926


 Blended learning Heartsaver First aid course option with practice and skills session can be added after any of our scheduled Heartsaver CPR AED classes at Safety Basics.  Call our office to arrange at 314-504-7926.  Cost is $20 for online portion( 3.5 hours in length) and $15 for practice and skill session(30-40 minutes) with purchase of Heartsaver CPR AED course.  Practice and skills session can be added to any of the scheduled Heartsaver CPR AED courses.
Individual Skill Session by appointment: $50.

 Blended Learning Combo Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
course option takes 4.5 hours online for adult module cost is $30 for part one and practice and skills session takes about 1.5 hours, cost
 is $68. Purchase entire program through Safety Basics for $98 and will email a key code to get started.
 Practice and Skills Sessions Scheduled by appointment, call 314-504-7926.

Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid with CPR

Learn about accident prevention and how to handle medical, injury, & environmental pediatric emergencies as well as infant & child CPR in this 5.5 hour completion level classroom course. (Adult CPR can be added for additional hour)

New blended learning option available.  Click here for more info.

 Upcoming practice and skills session:

Mon. March 2nd, 6-8:30 pm

or Mon. April 20th, 6-8:30 pm

Schedule Now.

Can be split into 2 sessions. Recommended for staff caring for children.  Meets MO child care requirements and eligible for MO training calendar clock hours. Fee: $84/person for 4- 8 participants & $78/person for 9-16 participants with 2016 Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED book for each participant .  Call for group scheduling at 314-504-7926. 

Upcoming Blended Learning Course:

Part one of the course is completed online.

Cost is $20 at  Takes 3-4 hours. 

Cost is $64 for small group practice and skills session.

For individual  practice and skills session fee is $75.

or can purchase all 3 parts for $84 for small group session or $95 for individual session from Safety Basics and will email a key code for part one.


Course Disclaimer: Use of American Heart Association materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials, do not represent income to the Association.
Upcoming Heartsaver Classes

Heartsaver CPR/AED
Completion/certification course for the lay rescuer, employees or volunteers. Most hospital workers require a higher level training. Learn adult CPR & AED skills and optional pediatric modules. Receive 2 year AHA completion card for students successfully completing skills testing.
Detailed class description below.

2019 Dates

Adult  & Child modules
(can just complete adult module)
Mon. Feb. 24th, 5:45-8:45 pm
Tues. March 10th, 9 am-12 pm
Mon. March 23rd, 5:45-8:45 pm
Tues. April 7th, 9 am-12 pm
Wed. April 22nd, 5:45-8:45 pm

at Safety Basics
9058 Watson Rd.,
 Ste B & C
St. Louis, MO 63126

Adult Module (2.5 hours)-$56
Adult & Child Module (3 hours)-$61
Adult, Child, and Infant Modules-(3.5 hours)-$66 (must contact our office in advance to add infant module)
Special rate for middle or high school students or teachers K-12, $46 for the adult and child modules, receive Heartsaver K-12 CPR AED completion card-call our office to receive discount at 314-504-7926.

You must purchase the required AHA 2016 Heartsaver book on your own or bring from prior training to class.
As of July 22nd, 2019, you can purchase the AHA Heartsavever CPR AED book at Worldpoint Medical at
 (item #15-1020 or digital ebook version item # 15-3116 each for $2.50) or through the American Heart Association at

Fees include a digital/electronic 2 year American Heart Association completion card for participants completing all course requirements.
Digital cards can be viewed, printed, or emailed at anytime during your certification cycle.

 If you don't need a completion/certification card and just want to attend the training for your own knowledge, fees are
Adult module $39
Adult & Child Modules $44
Adult, Child and Infant modules $49
includes book.
Call our office to schedule, non certification level registration at 314-504-7926.


Heartsaver CPR

This completion level course teaches CPR skills for the lay rescuer who must respond to a cardiac or respiratory emergency in the workplace or for volunteer work. (Hospital workers and most medical workers are required to take the Basic Life Support course.)

Adult Module with AED-(required module)includes adult CPR skills and first aid for choking for victims ages puberty-adult and how to use an automated external defibrillator.  Course length-2.5 hrs.  Fee: $59/person includes required Heartsaver CPR/AED student book, 2016 edition.

 Optional Modules:

Child Module with AED includes CPR skills and first aid for choking for victims ages one year through puberty.  Fee:  $64/person  Course length 3.0 hours.

Infant Module includes CPR skills and first aid for choking for victims birth-one year with optional mask training.  Fee:  $69/person  Course length 3.5 hours.


Combined Modules, Infant, Child, and Adult

Fee:  $69/person  Course length 3.5 hours


Call us to customize a program for your group and ask about group rates.


Meets employee CPR/AED requirements for childcare workers, teachers, nannies, fitness instructors, personal trainers, construction workers, volunteers requiring certification, camp counselors and more. . . .

Completion level certificate card provided upon successful completion of skills testing. American Heart Association requires renewal every 2 years.

Need a CPR Class Now?

On-line Training/blended leaning  Options for Heartsaver Courses

For workers or volunteers requiring a completion card (certification), American Heart Association offers on-line blended learning training courses for Heartsaver courses.  Part 1 of the course is completed on-line on your own and then Part 2 & 3 practice & skills session is scheduled with an instructor to complete the hands on practice and skills check off.  Heartsaver CPR AED adult module Part one online course length is 1.75 hour, cost $15.00 and Instructor video led practice and skills session takes 45 min-1 hour by appointment, fee $55 for the adult module or $63 with pediatric modules . Purchase the entire adult module course through Safety Basics for $70.00 and will send a key code to get started with Part one online. There is an option to add in child and infant modules.  Click on the link below for additional information:

On-line training for American Heart Association

Call our office at 314-504-7926 to schedule Part 2 and 3 practice and skills session and for pricing. A 2 year electronic completion card from American Heart Association is awarded upon successful completion of online training and the practice and skills session.

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