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Safety Basics provides training for physicians and physician practices, nurses, nursing students, nursing assistants, EMT students, medical students, occupational and physical therapists, hotel staff, construction workers, factories, industrial plants, dental and oral surgeon offices, home health organizations, schools and teachers, daycare centers, pre-schools, social workers, expectant parents, parents, grandparents, babysitters, and scouts.
CPR, AED, and First Aid Course Testimonials
11/6/19 Basic Life Support
Awesome Instructors & Environment! Instructors very helpful, knowledgable and true to the AHA teaching recommendations.
8/2019 I love how hands on the Basic Life Support class was.
7/2019 Major strength of Basic Life Support class was feedback lights on CPR manikins that showed if we were going too fast.
March 2019
Basic Life Support
Class very informative. Easy to follow along with the videos and steps of the class.
March 2019 Basic Life Support
Excellent, professional Instructors. Nice Facilities and clear course contents.
Feb 2019 Basic Life Support
Clear instructions and hands on helped me learn a lot!
Feb 2018 Heartsaver CPR AED
Instructor was great at explaining why certain things should be done and gave excellent examples.
Feb 2018 Basic Life Support
Instructors were friendly and approachable.
Liked that the test dummies had pressure sensors to give feedback.
Jan 2018 Basic Life Support
This course had a good combination of video and skills practice.
Nov. 2017 Basic Life Support
Julie and Debbie were patient and fun to work with.
Oct 2017 Heartsaver CPR AED
I like the feedback lights on the manikins that tell you how appropriate your compressions are.
Sept 2017 Basic Life Support
I really liked how hands on we got to be.
Aug 2017 Basic Life Support
I have been taking CPR classes for 20 years.  This was more thorough.  Appreciate the time from the Instructors to make sure skills were performed correctly.
July 2017 Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED at Our Little Haven
Instructors were knowledgeable, lively, dynamic, encouraging and kept us involved.
July 2017 CPR for Family and Friends at Wells Fargo
Great course. I learned a lot.
July 2017 Heartsaver CPR AED
Every question was treated as important and discussed until we felt satisfied.  Instructor was easy to talk to and very informative.
June 2016 Heartsaver CPR AED
Instructors were great at answering all questions and talking about different scenarios.
June 2015 Infant CPR
I found the class EXTREMELY helpful and we now both feel confident that in the event of an emergency we can be ready. It is comforting feeling this way.  We enjoyed the class and you did an amazing job teaching. 

May 2015 Heartsaver CPR/AED
Instructor was great at demonstrating and answering questions.
March 2015 Heartsaver CPR/AED
Instructors clear and did a fantastic job!
Basic Life Support Feb 2015
"Instructors provided great follow up after video instruction."
"Terrific Instructors.  Very approachable and very knowledgeable."

Oct 2014 Heartsaver CPR/AED

"Very clear direction and explanation of procedures and good attention to individuals and help with technique."

Sept 2014  Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED

"I feel confident in my first aid, CPR, & AED skills."

June 2014 Basic Life Support

"Really liked the instructors and how they provided great feedback, made things really relaxed."

June 2014 CPR Party

"Class was very helpful and I feel better prepared if something goes wrong."

May 2014 Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

"I love the way everything was thoroughly explained."

Jan 2014 Heartsaver CPR/AED skills session

I appreciate the courteous and professional service I received; very easy to follow and comprehend.  I will be a repeat customer...thanks again!

"Instructors patient and demonstrate proper techniques & emphasize critical skills needed."

BLS for HCP 5/2013

"So glad I took the CPR Party.  Very informative"

Infant & Child Beat CPR Party 4/2013

"Instructors have good communication and good practice of skills throughout the course."

Heartsaver CPR/AED 4/2013

"The Instructors were very clear, concise, and informative."

Heartsaver CPR/AED 4/2013

"Instructors very knowledgeable."

Heartsaver CPR/AED 2/2013

"I liked how realistic the mannequins are."

BLS for HCP 2/2013

"Taken CPR before and this class I'm leaving more confident and reassured with my skills."

BLS for HCP 10/2012

Heartsaver CPR/AED:  "Straight and to the point, very professional.  10/2012

"Instructors were professional, well-informed, and very pleasant!"

CPR for Family and Friends 10/2012

"Many scenarios to help with real life situations."

Heartsaver CPR/AED Oct 2012

"Exceeded my expectations"

CPR for Family and Friends 10/2012

"Liked instructor interaction and practicing of all skills."

Infant CPR 8/2012

"I have taken many CPR courses through the years and this was the best. The instructors did a great job teaching  and were very professional.  They emphasized the important points that you need to know."

BLS for HCP 6/18/2012

"The course information was clear and direct and the instructors were fabulous."

Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED 6/5/2012

BLS for HCP course: "Excellent instructor.  Answered all questions, very thorough & very good at explaining."
Debbie is a great instructor. I have taken over 5 CPR certification courses (none BLS though) and this has been the absolute best learning experience thus far. She is great and her equipment is well maintained and working!
-BLS for HCP course
"The instructors were excellent. They were very knowledgeable and very helpful. The class was very informative and practical. The content was well explained and demonstrated. I really liked the way that what we were doing was observed and small critiques were provided (move your hands up just a liitle, or hold your fingers straight out)."  
"Excellent course - I feel prepared for an emergency with refreshed CPR training that included AED. First Aid course was a great refresher course for me. The instructor was extremely helpful and answered all questions. "
"I feel like I'm prepared for a situation where CPR is needed."
"Excellent course and teachers were very knowledgeable and encouraging."  Heartsaver AED
Basic Life Support for Healthcare providers:  "Faultless, simply faultless!"
"Wonderful class and instructor, convenient location and time."
"This was the best CPR class I've ever taken!  I'm leaving confident!!! Thanks!"-Heartsaver AED
"Thanks for a very professional course and great instructors. It was the best I have taken and really easy to register."  Basic Life Support for HCP
"I have taken a CPR certification course two times before today and this was the most thorough." 

"The instructor and the class were great!  I feel much more prepared than the last CPR course I took."

Heartsaver AED

"The instructors were awesome, worked with me well, and overall did a great job making things easy and comfortable."  Heartsaver AED
Heartsaver AED
"Excellent! Clear & concise.  Patient! Friendly. Great Directions!"
Car Seat and Parenting Class Comments
Very reassuring and time saving!  Car Seat Safety Check
Thank you for your help with my car seat.  Great service and very convenient!
"I learned so much from the parenting classes and feel more prepared to take care of my daughter."
"We feel much more informed and at ease about traveling with our soon-to-be new baby in the car."
"Great service and convenient!  Called around to fire departments and none offered car seat checks. Am prepared to bring our new baby home from the hospital"